23.6" x 15.7" Travel


25 Ton Turret Press

50" x 100" Travel without reposition of clamps

X length can increase with reposition of clamps

1800W Laser with a 5ftx10ft table  

Press Brake

50 Ton limit with a 7' cross bar

110 Ton limit with a 10' cross bar

Punch Presses

With an automatic material feed:

220 Ton Press with a 61”x31” Bolster dimension and 24" feed line

2 – 110 Ton Presses with a 43.3”x27.5” Bolster dimension

150 Ton Press with a 29.92”x29.92” Bolster dimension

2 – 60 Ton Presses with a 35.4”x21.7” Bolster dimension

Without a material feed:

We also have another 110 Ton and a 60 Ton for form dies.

Other Machines

Spot welder

Manual and Automatic PEM serting

Air brakes


CNC Drill and Mill machine center

Tap Machine

Wet grinder and hand grinders

Rivet Machine


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1626 State Docks Road

Eufaula, Alabama 36027